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Create Generative Motion Graphics with flexibility and speed.


The Animation Group provides 2 channels (parameters 1 and 2) attributable to a choice of destination parameters. This feature lets you quickly animate a set of parameters without using keyframes. Each channel includes a menu to choose a destination.

Example:  Effects.Projection.OffsetX
Affects the animation to the Offset X parameter of the Projection effect in the Effects Group.
Parameter 1 -  This menu sets the first destination for the auto-animation.
Parameter 2 -  Lets you choose a second destination for a different auto-animation.

Animation Speed
Controls the speed of the animation. A positive value results in an increased value, starting from the original value of the destination parameter.
With a negative value, the speed decreases from the original value.
Notice that changing the original value of the destination parameter lets you offset the animation.