Organization of the Plug-in

Nodes is made of different modules organized as Groups.

Oscillator -  A comprehensive 3D deformer with noisy, wavy and random motion.
Transform -  Manages the global position and the rotation of the nodes.
Camera -  Let you set a Field of View and fly around the scene.
Animation -  A couple of auto-animation modules attributable to different parameters.
Form - Sets the distribution of the nodes from primitives, 3D models or footages.
Nodes -  Renders different choices of shapes and custom images into the nodes.
Effects - Allows you to create projections, morphing, and/or highlighting nodes or text.
Connections -  Defines the connection rules that link the nodes.
Lines -  Renders lines, curved lines or tubes connecting the nodes.
Text -  Renders text attached to the nodes.
Rendering - Manages Depth Effects, Nodes hiding, Motion Blur and Anti-aliasing

Some other parameters, always visible, accompany the main control of the nodes :
Master Completion -  Draws the nodes progressively.
Render Lines, Nodes, and Text - 3 buttons to enable the generators.
Indicative methodology
1 - Choose  a distribution in space (Form Group) for the elements.
  • start from a 2D/3D primitive (circle, sphere, spiral, sine, random, grid)
  • (or) create a 2D location from the luminance of a footage
  • (or) use the vertices of an imported 3D model

2 - Deform the initial form .
  • use the Oscillator to apply wavy effects, noise or randomize the node locations
  • (or) perform morphing (Effects Group) to a secondary form
  • (or) project to spherical, cylindrical or radial coordinates (Effects Group)

3 - Customize the aspect
  • choose textures, colors, sizes for particles (nodes)
  • set the text font, size, alignment
  • connect the elements with lines or curved lines (Connections and Lines Group)

4 - Animate the layout
  • make the composition grow with completion parameters
  • use the Animation module to auto-animate a particular aspect
  • change the form location, move the Camera, change the field of view
  • oscillate the curved lines or the nodes (Oscillator and Curves Oscillator)
  • highlight nodes and text to create headlines (Effects Group).
  • add keyframe for any parameter.

5 - Fine-tune the composition
  • add depth (fog, opacity, luminosity)
  • hide, disable or reveal nodes.
  • apply motion blur .