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Create Generative Motion Graphics with flexibility and speed.


Nodes lets you populate text in 3D Space according to the distribution chosen in the Form Group.
Text is attached to the nodes, but can be transformed in any axis with the Text Offset parameters. Convenient functions like Text Loop Step, Text Probability and Text Completion make is possible for the text to scatter onto the form.

Accelerated Fonts - This new feature lets you animate more than 5000 layers of text in real time to quickly create opulent-looking text clouds. The only drawback of this feature is a limited set of fonts. When you need a special or custom font that is not provided by “Accelerated Fonts,” you can still use the feature for faster previewing to your advantage, and deactivate the function when rendering.

Accelerated Font Menu - This pop-up menu gives you access to a set of accelerated fonts. Each font has 3 optimized resolutions (80, 200 and 400 pixels). Use the more appropriate size according to your shooting style (full shot, close-up, etc.).

Font Menu - When the Accelerated Font option is disabled, the classic Font and Style menus appear.

Font Size - Controls the size of the font.

Alignment - This pop-up menu provides different alignments for text:
  • Left - the text is attached to the node at the start of the line,
  • Centered - the text is centered on the node,
  • Right - the text is attached to the node at the end of the line,
  • Modulo - produces alternating right/left attachments.

Text Source - This pop-up menu switches between different text sources:
  • Custom Text - enables the text editor.
  • Index by Number - numbers each node by its index. This mode is helpful when scripting connections or when trying to place a word precisely onto a particular node.
  • Image List Editor - takes the titles of the Image List Editor as a source.

Mapping - Determines how the text is distributed onto the nodes. With the “Line option, each new line of text is coupled with node. The “Character option cuts out each letter and assigns them to a node.

Keep Formatting - This parameter appears when the Mapping Character option is selected. This function takes care of the separation between words by assigning a space (no text) to the corresponding node.

Case - Forces the case of the original text to Uppercase, Lowercase or Capitalized.

Text offset X, Y, Z - Offsets the position of the text. The anchor point of the position is relative to the alignment.

Text Color and Color Mode - Please see the Color Module Page of the manual for more details.

Text Opacity Random - Introduces randomness throughout the opacity of the text.

Text Opacity - Sets the opacity of the text.

Text Blending - This pop-up menu sets a blending method:
  • Over -  Blends the texture with transparency according to a matte provided by the alpha channel.
  • Add -  Blends the texture with transparency according to a matte provided by the alpha channel   and adds the luminance of all the superimposed nodes.

The Add mode is interesting when drawing a lot of nodes with low opacities, producing lighting or glowing effects.

Text Depth Testing - This pop-up menu manages how the texts overlap with themselves and with other elements (nodes, lines) according to their relative Z- depth positions. Read Write will force the text to render according to their Z positions in space.The far elements render first and the near ones are layered behind. The sorting update dynamically. In certain cases, a node or a text may pass over another one. This parameter appears along with the Depth Sorting option located in the Rendering Group that performs a strict nodes index-sorting according to their Z positions.

Text Loop Steps - Changes the step size of the loop. With a default value of 1, every node is coupled with a text line. With a value of 5, only one node along 5 will receive a text line. This parameter is interesting for scattering the text onto the form.

Text Probability - Adjusts the probability for a node to be coupled with a line of text.

Text Completion - Draws the texts progressively.

Custom Text - This editor provides a basic interface to edit custom text or to import a text file in the "rtf " or "txt " format.