Procedural 3D Generator.

Procedural 3D Generator.

Yanobox Storm™ is a new plugin that generates highly detailed organic forms and evolving 3D surfaces with real time animation and shading. Storm is a powerful 3D tool for editors and motion designers looking for beautiful and fast solutions to produce inspiring 3D visuals. 

Plugin for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Premiere Pro.

Yanobox Storm Video

Create Emotional Content

Whether you design engaging graphics for a TV show, build vibrant motion graphics or are editing your next epic movie, Yanobox Storm boosts your creative process by delivering 3D animated content with instant results.

Raise the Temperature

Easily distribute beautiful gradients with volumetric rules around animated 3D surfaces and generate heat effects, incandescent or burning materials with color ramps based on temperature.

Yanobox Storm Fire
Add an Organic Feel

Sculpt the primitives with built-in 3D fractal noise. Extrude spikes, apply oscillations and give life to magic creatures.

Yanobox Storm Orange Creature

Captivate your Audience

Stretch and twist your shapes, set-up the camera with a large field of view and let the viewer explore wide spaces populated by captivating geometry.

Yanobox Storm Universe

Everything Procedural

Storm is built around a self-contained rendering engine. No need to import 3D models or textures. Everything comes to life inside the GPU for extremely fast interactions with millions of shaded polygons in your favorite editing and compositing applications.

Beautiful Shaders

Storm provides styled or photorealistic shaders, including volumetric color gradients, directional lighting, reflection, refraction, fresnel and fog. There is no risk your creativity will be bounded.

Yanobox Storm Sea Ball

Generative 3D Geometry

Start your design with parametric primitives and let chance help you produce stunning visuals with the power of procedural graphics. Nature always holds surprises.

Yanobox Storm Generative

3D Fractal Noise

Animate surfaces through turbulent flow, create new organic forms, simulate natural phenomena. Storm offers state of the art fractal noise algorithms with exceptional features.

Yanobox Storm Fractal Noise
Classic & Additive Blending

Experiment with additive colors, blend shader output with fresnels, modulate reflections with volumetric gradients and discover a wide spectrum of transparent phenomena.

Yanobox Storm Additive Tube

Falloff Effectors

Control the surface displacement with planar or spherical falloff zones, apply twisting and deformations to simulate liquefaction or a vortex.

Yanobox Storm Twisted Glass

The Art of Noise

Explore the incredible field of procedural noise and fractal Brownian motion functions. Easily generate beautiful turbulent shapes by playing with the collection of fractal noise.

3D Fractal Noise

Simulate fire, clouds, liquids or cloth by displacing the mesh equally in all directions. This mode produces customizable, three dimensional gradient noise.

Yanobox Storm 3D Fractal Noise

Directional Noise

Easily create smooth animated convex and curved surfaces spreading polygons in the direction of their normals. Use the clamp function to contain the noise displacement and create bumps and holes.

Yanobox Storm Directional Noise

Curly Noise

Draw concentric bulges and outstanding winding geometry with this fractal noise primitive. Accentuate the displacement to produce organic, futuristic forms.

Yanobox Storm  Curly Noise
Ridged Noise

Design skin surfaces with interesting noise primitives featuring combinations of lines and ridges along different scales. Modify the ridge smoothness to reveal vein-like patterns through the surface.

Yanobox Storm Ridget Noise

Hairy Noise

Invent anything hairy with this super fun noise type. Push the polygons outward in sharp extrusions, crank up the resolution and apply oscillations to the spikes. Simulate grass, tentacles or furry creatures dancing on the screen.

Yanobox Storm Hairy Noise

Go Crazy with the Shading

Experience our mathematical sorcery. We’ve spent years developing a shader playground full of surprises. It is a little addictive if you like to grind pixels !

Volumetric and Directional Colors

Manage the color propagation with different kinds of procedural methods. Use the depth or distance to distribute color spectrums. Colorize from the normal orientation or spread tonalities with gradient noise.

Yanobox Storm Rainbow Pouic
Immersive Environment

Use the embedded environment maps or import your own equirectangular images and VR videos to create a spherical 360° skybox and generate realistic metallic, liquid and glassy materials.

Yanobox Storm Environment

Reflection and Refraction

Carefully blend reflection and refraction. You can adjust the refractive index to create the best looking transmission and transparency. Modify the exposure and contrast or blur the environment in order to create glossy or sharp reflective surfaces.

Yanobox Nodes Refraction


Illuminate the edges to simulate an elegant light warp or a colored edge light. Target other shading components with the fresnel mask to achieve refined lighting effects.

Yanobox Storm Fresnel

Specular and Diffusion

Refine the shape’s volume and plasticity by adjusting the light direction. Add subtle glints or increase shininess to irradiate the surface with colored specular reflections.

Yanobox Storm Diffusion


Simulate gaseous universes with a lightweight haze, dive into deep spaces or add a slight depth to attenuate the outline of a closeup.

Yanobox Storm Fog

200+ Animated Presets and Templates

Ready-to-use 3D content to get inspired or quickly complete your next project with a single drag & drop. We designed a large collection of procedural motion graphics, all customizable to your needs!

A Treasure for Motion Designers

Generate procedural 3D directly in your compositing application, quickly explore multiple tracks and easily create shiny motion graphics.

A Magic Wand for the Pro Editors

Enhance your stories with vibrant 3D graphics and quickly propose solutions for your clients while editing in Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro.


Apple Final Cut Pro

Version 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 or later

Apple Motion

Version 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 or later

Adobe After Effects

CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021

Adobe Premiere Pro

CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021

CPU Compatibility

M1 Architecture and Intel

macOS Monterey

Version 12

macOS Big Sur

Version 11

macOS Catalina

Version 10.15

macOS Mojave

Version 10.14