❚❘❘❘❙❙ Digit Input

This group provides different methods to input the digits (numbers) forming the barcode.
Input Mode
This menu lets you choose a method for the input of the digits.

In this mode the digits change randomly for each frame while causing the respective bars to change accordingly for visual conformity. This is the easy mode to create a quick auto-animation.

Random Speed
Adjusts the frequency of the randomness.

A mode to quickly enter the numbers of each group, animating the First Digit with a slider only.

First Digit
Sets the First Digit. This number is an encoder influencing the pattern of bars assigned to the digits of the First Group.

First Group
This text editor lets you enter a series of 6 numbers. Missing numbers will be replaced by zero.

Last Group

A text editor to set a series of 6 number for the Last Group.

This mode gives you the possibility to set each digit individually by separated sliders for the purpose of detailed keyframe animations.

Hide First Digit
Hides or reveals the first Digit.
The EAN 13 barcode consists of an encoder, called First Digit and 2 sets of six numbers : the First and the Last Group.