Yanobox Moods - User Guide
Version 1.1

Presets and Templates

Moods provides an assortment of Looks through templates in Final Cut Pro X and with the presets menu in Motion and After Effects. These predefined settings are proposed as starting points to quickly experiment with different "moods."

Ideally, the looks have to be applied to footage that is already color balanced and has well adjusted luminance ranges.

The presets are ordered by progressive amplitude variation of tonality.

If the contrast is too dark or too high on your footage with a particular preset, use the second wheel vertically (gamma) to remap the grey levels and the color. Then adjust the strength parameters in the effects window to increase or decrease the color shade.
Moods Blue 01
Moods Blue 02
Moods Blue 03
Moods Blue 04
Moods Blue 05
Moods Blue 06
Moods Blue 07
Moods Brown 01
Moods Brown 02
Moods Brown 03
Moods Brown 04
Moods Brown 05
Moods Green 01
Moods Green 02
Moods Green 03
Moods Green 04
Moods Green 05
Moods Khaki 01
Moods Khaki 02
Moods Khaki 03
Moods Khaki 04
Moods Khaki 05
Moods Purple 01
Moods Purple 02
Moods Purple 03
Moods Purple 04
Moods Purple 05
Moods Dark Blue
Moods Dark Brown
Moods Dark Green
Moods Dark Purple
Moods Dark Red
Moods Yellow 01
Moods Yellow 02
Moods Yellow 03
Moods Yellow 04
Moods Yellow 05