What is Mosaic ?

Mosaic is a stylisation plugin that allows you to create Adaptive Tiling, Pixel Texturing and ASCII Effects. Mosaic supports Final Cut Pro X, Motion, After Effects and Premiere Pro on macOS.

How does it work ?

Mosaic splits your footage into a set of tiles. Each tile is then mapped with an image fragment extracted from a motif called “Texture Atlas.” The result is a mosaic imitating the color, contrast, details and distribution of the original image assembled from a custom pattern.

The process operates on each frame of a video sequence and produces very dynamic stylised effects driven by the transformation of the original footage and affected by the plugin parameters.
Notice it is possible to apply the effects on a logo or a text rendered with a solid color by previously adding a gradient, noise or fractal noise effect to the footage.
Mosaic includes several procedural recipes but the most exciting looks will come from using your own texture atlas.

Example of a mosaic achived with the Technical included recipe :
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Organisation of the Interface

The interface of Mosaic is divided into several parts. Each group contains a set of parameters dedicated to a particular process in the creation of the final effect.

Extraction - Provides keying tools, manages the mosaic apparition and blending.
Tiling - Controls the slicing depth and adaptative aspect of the mosaic.
Material - Handles the materials applied to the surface of the mosaic.
Material Colors - Module to customize the colors of the texture atlas.
Mapping - Manages mapping and cell padding.
Wireframe - Creates wireframe overlays with several options.
Transform - Move, rotate and scale the mosaic in 3D space.
Rendering - Provides anti-aliasing, Motion blur and manages texture resolution.
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