The Position, Rotation and and Scale parameters all you to change the framing of the mosaic.
It is sometimes necessary to change the
Texture Resolution in the Rendering group to prevent a pixelation of the motif.

Mosaic natively supports the
After Effects Camera. This allows for seamless integration with other industry standard plugins also compatible with the 3D environment offered by AE. This feature enables clever methods of layering to quickly create sophisticated 3D compositions with multiple instances of Mosaic.

Enable the
Use AE Camera option at the top of the plugin interface to use this feature.

Position X,Y, Z - Sets the global position of the mosaic.

Rotation X,Y, Z - Applies a 3 axis rotation to the mosaic.

Scale - Changes the global size of the mosaic

The Rendering Group manages the anti-aliasing, Motion Blur and accuracy of the effect.

Anti - aliasing - Enable the hardware assisted antialiasing. this option is especially useful to smooth the wireframe diagonal lines ( triangle and diamond modes ) rendered by the Wireframe Group.

Motion Blur - Enables motion blur at different quality settings. The higher the quality, the more samples are used to render the final scene.
Off - the scene is rendered without motion blur
Low - renders a few samples per frame
Medium - renders more samples.
High - renders with the highest number of samples (slowest setting, highest quality)

Accuracy - Determines the resolution of the original image used by the adaptive tiling algorithm. Generally the normal mode is adequate for a correct result with an optimal rendering spe