Motion Mixer

The Motion Mixer provides a way to animate characters without keyframes. You can mix geometric transformations and properties that influence the design and motion of the characters. The animation end is always formated according to the defined duration.


Sets the duration for the Motion Mixer text animation. The duration is calculated from the first frame of the layer. The value is expressed in frames.

Defines if characters will appear as a constant flow or as dynamic separated entities.
With the minimum value, each character animation has a set part of the total duration (total duration divided by the
total number of characters) and the animation will appears very quantized. With the near maximum value, the animation will appear to have a more linear flow. With the maximum value characters are stuck together.

Incoming Opacity
Defines a per character opacity fade in the duration.

This menu provide different interpolation modes from the start to the end of the Motion Mixer text
animations. See
interpolation for more details.

This menu specifies two different modes for character animation directions.
• Single : All the characters come from a single direction.
• Multiple : Characters are mapped to opposite directions according to their odd/even ranges.

Origin type
This menu specifies characters' rotation centers. During the animation, these points converge from a
position defined by the X,Y,Z Origin parameter to the final position of each character.
• Letters Positions : Rotation anchor points are defined by the characters positions.
• Word Center : Rotation anchor points are defined by the word center.

Preview origin
When Preview origin is enabled you can preview dynamicaly the position of each Origin point with a little
cross. This can supply a much better example of how rotation influences the animation.

Origin X/Y/Z
Defines a start position offset for characters' rotation animation centers. Values are expressed in units.

Position X/Y/Z
Defines a start position offset for characters' positions animation. Values are expressed in units.

Defines a start angle offset for characters' rotation animation.
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