Motype has the ability to assign a particle stream to each character of the user's text. All generators are controled from a single unified interface.They can be defined to act
as a dynamic background or to follow the text animation. Particles apparitions are
fully adjustable over time to provide soft coat or an explosive impact on the text.

Enables particles.

Position X/Y
The 2D coordinates of particle emiters origin.

Image input

• Text : Takes the user text as input to map each generator with a different character.
• Texture : Takes input from the Texture menu. All generators are mapped with the same shape.
• Custom image : sets particle emitters use your own image.

Sets different image textures to map particles.

Custom Image
This image well let you specify your own media (stills and or clips) to be used by the particle emitters.

Start Time
Defines the start time for particles emitters. The value is expressed in frames.

Increase Duration
Defines a fade in duration of the particle emitters. Duration is calculated from the start time. The value is expressed in frames.

End Time
Defines the End time for the particles emitters. The decrease duration (fade out) will start with this value. The value is expressed in frames.

Decrease Duration
Defines a fade out duration for particle emitters. Duration is calculated starting from the end time. The value is expressed in frames.

This menu provides severals modes for positioning particle generators over time.
• Final Position: Generators are fixed to characters finals positions.
• Follow Position : Generators follow characters positions' over time.
• Follow Position & Rotation : Generators follow characters' positions and rotations over time.
• Follow Origin : Generators are positioned according to Motion Mixer Origins values.

The number of particles for each generator.

The particle lifetime expressed in frames.

Opacity Delta
Sets decreases in opacity value for particles over that particle's lifetime.

Velocity Axis
This menu defines the direction of particles streams from their Origin.
• X : Particles are forced to the X Axis.
• Y : Particles are forced to the Y Axis.
• Z : Particles are forced to the Z Axis.

Velocity Mode
This menu specifies several modes for particle stream directions.
• Odd/Even to opposites: Particle Streams are mapped to opposites directions according to their char-
acter emmiter odd/even ranges.
• Positive and Negative: Particles streams are mapped in negative and positive directions.
• Positive : Particle streams are forced to positive direction.
• Negative : Particle streams are forced to negative direction.

Sets the velocity of particle streams.

Sets the base color for particles. This color can be randomized to a different color for each
character emitter.

Color Random
The amount of randomness for particle colors.

Color Seed
This defines an offset factor for the randomness.

Sets the opacity of the particles.

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Yanobox Motype User Manual