Trailing blur

Motion blur simulates the blur created by a fast-moving object. Motype’s Trailing blur use this principle, but gives you more control to use motion blur and smear effects in a creative way.


Enables motion blur on character animation.

Stretch mode
This menu defines if the stretch between samples will change over time.
• Constant : the stretch doesn’t change over time.
• Dynamic : The stretch decreases from the start to the end of the animation.

Shutter Angle
Controls the amount of motion blur by adjusting the gap between samples.

Determines the quality of the blur created, by the number of samples.

Adjusts the duration of the mix between original characters and blur at the end of the movement.

Origin Factor
Controls the influence of the Motion Mixer Origin X,Y,Z values in the rotational motion blur.

Rotation Factor
Controls the influence of the Motion Mixer Rotation X,Y,Z values in the rotational motion blur.

Color mode
This menu offers two color modes for the motion blur:
• From text Color : The motion blur takes its color from the text, in a natural way.
• Custom Color : Enable a color picker for customizing the motion blur color.

Sets the motion blur color (if color mode is set to Custom Color)

Sets the motion blur opacity.
Note that all samples are blended together with a luminance addition mode. Setting the opacity
to an high value will produce over-exposure effects.
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