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Canvas Start Frame
This slider lets you set a start frame according to your project settings and adapt the value of the Motype parameters in rapport with duration.

Text Quality
This menu adjusts the texture resolution for the Text, Particles and Trailing Blur.

When to change texture resolution?

1 •  When zooming

Generally, the texture size is already optimized in the Motype presets. In most cases. However, if you need to zoom in on the Text (with the transform Z positions), it could be that this resolution will not suffice and you could see pixelated textures.

2 •  To speed up your working process

To have a more responsive system (faster previews) when working on your animations, you can decide to reduce the texture resolution. The graphics card will have less pixels to process in this case, which results in a faster frame rate and previewing speed.
Before rendering, you can re-adjust the final resolution to a better quality again.

Yanobox Motype User Manual